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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I Lost an Earring

Damn it! I lost an earring! I just noticed it in the ladies room. I had both of them when I left for work this morning and now…one is missing! I retraced my steps around the office and nothing! The only place it could be is…. ANYWHERE! OY VEY!! It could be on the ground in the train station parking lot…the same parking lot where I lost my Yurman. I am kind of hoping it is there because otherwise, there is no hope for retrieving it as it could be on the commuter rail, in North Station or on the ground between North Station and my office. I decided to walk with a train friend today before it rained. The rain gods were looking down on me today as it did not rain until I walked through my office buildings door. However, the earring gods… we shall see if they are on my side.

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