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Friday, April 25, 2014

Good Will

Today restored my faith in humanity a bit.

This morning I arrive at the train station and as we all wait to board, someone goes up to the train conductor with a 10 ride pass that only had 2 punches in it. He hands it to the conductor and says “I found this on the ground if anyone is missing their ticket.” It warmed my heart to see someone honest and turning in the ticket because those go for some cash…especially a zone 5 and he did the right thing by turning it in.

Once I got to North Station, I decided to walk to work and pass through Haymarket and pick up some fresh produce. As I am arriving to Haymarket, I walk by three people in sleeping bags. They are all cocooned inside and you can’t see them. I notice that each one of those people have a big bunch of banana’s by their sleeping bag waiting for them when they wake up. I thought that was so sweet of whoever did that, which made me almost cry on my way in to the market.  

Happy Friday everyone! Do something unexpectedly nice for someone today!

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