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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tossed Salad

Last night, I decided I wanted salads…every day this week because I got this fabulous cheese at Tutto Bene Cheese and Wine Shop and wanted to enjoy it…every single day! So, I went to the grocery store and picked up fresh spinach, tomatoes and a cucumber. I got home and made 4 perfectly portioned salads layered with spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, hard boiled eggs and the piece de resistance: Bellavitano Balsamic cheese! They looked so pretty and I was so proud.

This morning, I grab a salad out of the fridge and put it in my work bag. I then head to the train station. As I am looking for my parking spot, I see the train roll in. I park, grab my bag and run toward the train. I quickly realize my perfectly pretty salad is in my bag so I slow down to a brisk walk. Then, since it is school vacation this week, the line of people boarding is short and I realize that the train will leave without me once this short line is done boarding. I start to run again cursing the entire way to the parking meter machine because my pretty salad…no longer pretty. I can sense it.

I make the train with no problems and when I get my book to read out of my bag, I check my salad. It is totally tossed. It is no longer pretty buuut it will taste the same no matter what it looks like and tomorrow, I will make sure I get to the train a little early so I can enjoy a picture worthy salad at lunch time.

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