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Monday, April 7, 2014

3 Minutes!

I am sorry I haven’t been keeping all of you apprised of my train situations! Things have gotten hectic and although I have lots to tell you, I just couldn’t.
Anyway, I got on a SPT (Sardine Packed Train…Although, I will admit that each time I type SPT, I am tempted to type STP!! What ever happened to them? Now I have Vaseline stuck in my head…and you can too if you click below or here)


Coincidentally, the Youtube video is just shy of 3 minutes which… I was on my way to telling you about until I got sidetracked.

I hop on the T at State Street and we are packed in so tight. The conductor yells over the loud speaker that if you can’t fit, there is a train 3 minutes behind this one. A guy further down in the train car screams “3 minutes my a*s!” everyone starts laughing and this guy takes it as a sign to be try and be a funny guy. “3 minutes! This is rush hour! It’s not getting here in 3 minutes. You liar!” We all giggle again.

He goes on and on “3 minutes! I am gonna need to smoke a blunt with all your lying.” “3 minutes! I’m gonna kick you’re a*s for lying.” He is now screaming and now everyone isn’t giggling. We are all looking at our feet because this guy is whacked!

We finally roll into Haymarket where he makes his way toward the door muttering “3 minutes! I’m going to kick his a*s now! Move outta my way!” We all allow him to exit and he makes his way up to the conductor but the conductor closes the doors and takes off before he can get him.

After the doors close people start cheering because he is gone! Someone screams “Did he leave some blunts behind?” another woman screams out “I bet you my tax dollars are supporting his stupid a*s!” Another blurts out that she needs a smoke after that one.

I never felt threatened by this crazy guy but it’s never a good thing to be packed in with someone that just might lose it.

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