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Thursday, May 29, 2014

I'm the Boo

This morning my 9 year old Pointer had a lot of energy so I took her on an extra-long walk and caught a later train in. Well, I just barely caught the later train! As I dashed through the parking lot to the parking pay machine I made eye contact with the conductor. Eye contact is key! Then they feel mean when they leave without you! (Most of the time anyways)

I pay with my “sparkly shiny dollar coins” and hop on the train. As I walk by the conductor I say a heartfelt “Thank you!”

I find a seat and take out my train pass. As she makes her way by me she says “Thanks Boo!”

AWW! She called me Boo. I just thought it was so cute. Much more endearing than the usual “Tha-Que, Tha-Que, Tha-Que” I am used to...which most of the time it sounds like he is saying "Fah-Que, Fah-Que, Fah-Que." He very well could be saying "Fah-Que" but i don't want to believe it!

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