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Thursday, May 1, 2014

You're a Disheveled Mess! Pull it Together!

Last night I am heading home on an early train to take care of things on the home front. I am delightfully surprised that I am on a double decker and head straight to the upper deck. I don’t know why but I love them and it seems like a special treat. I snag a seat with a table! (Two delightful surprises in a row!) As I am waiting for others to board, a guy sits in the table seat across the aisle from me. He is sitting at the window seat.

Another man who is kind of disheveled boards and asks the man in the window seat if he can “Sit there”. The guy at the window seat says “Sure.” Thinking he means that the guy wants to share the seat with him, as anyone else would think.

“NO! I want your seat!” the man says to the guy in the window seat. “I need a plug for my laptop so I need to sit there.” He continues.

The guy in the window seat reluctantly moves and takes the aisle seat and the disheveled guy with the laptop takes the window seat and plugs in and spreads his stuff out all over the table like no one else is using it. The guy across from him also has his laptop out and is suddenly pushed to a small corner of the table.

As we pull out of the station the disheveled laptop guy half stands up and grabs composed laptop guys’ laptop and starts screaming “Do you have Wifi? This train said I’d have Wifi! Where’s my Wifi?!”

First off, let’s back up! Disheveled laptop guy grabs composed laptop guys laptop! I don’t know about you but I don’t touch other people’s personal electronics. I don’t know…because they are PERSONAL! I think of them as private…the modern day diary if you will. You just don’t touch them!

Composed laptop guy gives disheveled laptop guy a look  and says “NO! I am working off line right now.”

Disheveled laptop guy stands up and hits his head on the luggage rack (They are lower in the double deckers so it’s a common mistake). “I need Wifi! I need to try another car.” He collects all of the sh*t he spread out over the table and starts to move. He forgets to unplug his laptop and as he is walking away, is jerked back and almost loses everything in his hands. The aisle seat guy also notices the guy dropped his hat on the seat and points it out to him. Disheveled guy says “Just get it for me will ya?!”

Pretty much everyone is watching in disbelief. Is this guy really this flustered…this much of an idiot? He finally leaves the train car and we all sign with relief.

What did we learn today?

·         Stay in your personal bubble.

·         Don’t touch other people’s electronic devices.

·         Unplug your electronic device if you wish to move about the train cabin freely.

·         Don’t be a disheveled idiot. Pull yourself together!

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