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Friday, May 16, 2014

Strict Exit Policy or You DIE!

All the time, conductors say “Don’t exit the train unless the door is attended by a conductor!” They always get so angry when you exit the train through a door that they did not open.

I am sitting next to my train friend and talking about properties and real estate when... the conductor comes in and says “Making the exit at the doors down there!” Pointing to the doors at the opposite end of the train. THEN… He starts his lecture-slash-rant.

“I don’t do this to make you walk an extra 80 feet. I do this because I tell the train when to go. A while back someone left through an unattended door. He left the door open. Another guy behind him decided he could leave through that door too but the train was already told to go. The guy got flustered, stepped out anyways and fell to the ground. That guy is DEAD!!!!!!! So, making the exit at the doors down there.”

Oh my god! I almost died laughing! My train friend next to me burst out laughing too. I felt a little bad for the conductor. Only because I love this conductor! He is awesome but he was so serious and I am sure he gets annoyed at people leaving through doors they shouldn’t and he did make a very good point but it was just hilarious the way it was presented.

My train friend turns to me and says “So, the moral of the story is, I live…the guy behind me dies!”

I turn to him and say “Yup! That’s what I got out of that!”

Happy Friday everyone and don’t go out unattended open train doors unless you’re the one that opened them!

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