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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Velcro Shoes and Fashion Police!

OK, I am pretty sure everyone knows that wearing double Velcro shoes past the age of 2 is just flat out wrong! Okay…Okay, I will admit that I have a pair of LaCoste Velcro shoes but…they are freakin’ LaCoste! OK! Wearing the double strip Velcro shoes obtained only at…Wal-Mart is just offensive.

This morning I missed my normal train and took a later express train in to work. This guy comes up next to me with “dad jeans” on and double Velcro Wal-Mart shoes. I mean REALLY buddy! Who wears that and do your kids know you are walking around in public like that? I assume you have kids because you have “dad jeans” on! I would NEVER have let my dad walk out of the house like that…never!

As I sit and wait for the train I start racking my brain and if memory serves me right… and it usually does, this guy sported Napoleon Dynamite Moon Boots this winter so I mean maybe he is just stuck in an era. However, WHAT era was it where it was acceptable to wear double Velcro shoes or Moon Boots with “dad jeans”? UM, NEVER!!

Luckily, while packing, I found my “Fashion Police” tickets! I will have to stash that note pad in my purse for future occasions!

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