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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I Got a Seat and Potentially a Cold

I got a seat today! I got on the train and there happened to be a middle seat open between two older men. I ask the guy on the aisle if I could sit down. He agrees, gets up and lets me in. Now, you’d think I’d be excited…WRONG!

No sooner than I sit down, do these two guys have flemmy coughing fits! I figure they will stop soon. NOPE! One reaches in his pocket for a cough drop and pops it in his mouth. Do you think that stopped the fit? NO! I hold my breath but I quickly realize that this will go on longer than I can possibly hold my breath.

I wrap my scarf around my face and try very hard not to need oxygen for the remainder of the train ride as these two have a coughing standoff with me in the middle!

I’ll be chugging orange juice and Beracca like it’s my job today!

That is all!

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