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Friday, February 6, 2015

I say “Excuse Me.” But my eyes say “F*ck off B*tch.”

This morning I get to the train station and the train is only 10 minutes late. This is great compared to the previous days this week. I happily get on the train and head in towards North Station. It was only 8 degrees out but the sun was shining. It was still chilly though.

Once I am at North Station, I am notified that there is a severe delay due to a disabled train. I see that the display board says a train to Forest Hills is coming in 5 minutes. The train after that will be there in 20. So, since I am one of the first on the platform, I have a pretty good shot.

The T pulls in and lots of people get off.  I am truly surprised at the amount of people getting off. We all try to pile in after there is room for us.

An older woman blurts out “ If you haven’t already been on the train, you have no business trying to get on.”

The girl behind me says calmly to her “That’s an interesting way to look at it. Generally when people get off, it allows for people to get on but what do I know.”

The doors close and I am on my merry sardine packed way.

The doors open and close at Haymarket and then we get to State. I am on the opposite side of the train so I need to pass this old irritated lady to get off. Another girl and I say “Excuse me.”  To get by her. She starts screaming at us “2 Stops! Why the hell didn’t you just walk? WHY?”

We were so baffled by her harshness. Everyone kinda just looks at us like “Did she really say that?”  It is below freezing out, windy and had we walked it would have been a mile (uphill both ways! Duh!). We were both bundled up but COME ON! On Tuesday when we had a fiasco and I actually had to walk in 5 degrees, I couldn’t feel my hands and feet when I got to the office…and I was bundled up to the hilt that day. PLUS… oh… we PAID to use the T so um… we will use it.

The girl walking out with me turns to the old lady and says  “Because it’s below freezing out! That’s why!” I chimed in behind her “SERIOUSLY!!” We said “Excuse me.” One more time as she was still in our way. However, this time, I said “Excuse me.” But my eyes said “F*ck off B*tch!” and carried on our merry little way to work.

Happy Friday everyone!

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