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Thursday, February 26, 2015

You Are All Animals!

I get to North Station today with minimal problems. I decide that since I am wearing a dress and my legs were cold, that I’d take the T.

The T comes and people get off and this woman that was already on, reboards. I get on behind her and I probably should have been the last one on. However, the people behind me thought otherwise. They start pushing me into this woman and I apologize. She turns to me and says with her Chanel sunglasses on and her b*tch face “You people are f*cking animals! You are all acting like animals! This is disgusting! I am so sick of this!”

What is she so sick of? Sardine packed trains aren’t a new thing because of the weather. During rush hour it happens 99.99% of the time. Sooo she is either new to riding the T as of this month and thinks this will go away or she is just not coming to grips with the reality of the train. Either way… suck it up princess!

The guy behind me starts in on her “We’re animals huh? Really? You should see what they do in Tokyo. This is nothing! NOTHING!”

“Well, we aren’t in Tokyo. You people disgust me. I don’t even have a place to hold on to now because of you people.” (Side note: YES SHE DID She was just being dramatic.)

Another guy chimes in “Tokyo is great!”

“Oh, world traveling animals. Isn’t that cute?” she says from behind her Chanel sunglasses.

We ignore her.

“Ya know! I have something sticking in to my a*s! I have no idea what it is but I don’t like it!” she screams in her b*tch tone.

I look behind her since she has repositioned herself to face “the animals” which apparently includes me because I was body slammed into her. It’s a guy with the puffiest North Face jacket on. I mean… sh*t happens and things do poke you buuuttttt through a bubble coat, I’m thinking maybe not.

We pull into Haymarket and no one gets off. The doors close and we are off to State Street. Once we get to State, she high tails if off the train asfast as she can to get away from “The Animals”.

Sayōnara Princess!

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