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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I can’t feel my fingers or toes! It wasn’t because I wasn’t bundled up well. I had on wool pants with silk lining, two pair of ski socks on, a heat tech tube top from Uniqlo, a long sleeve shirt, a suit jacket, my knee length EMS down jacket, a cute winter headband, my hood up, gloves and two scarves. So Why? Might you ask can I not feel my fingers and toes. I will tell you why as I sit here and type trying to warm up with my hot cocoa and peaches and cream oatmeal!

This morning when I woke up, I check the weather. It is FIVE degrees! I got MBTA updates stating early trains were running behind. Since I didn’t get any more updates, I assume my train is on time. I leave my house at 7:35am and walk to the train station that is 2 blocks from my house. I get there for the 7:41am train. I wait. My feet start to feel cold but I push through it and sip my coffee. After a little while, I check the message board. NOTHING. I check my apps. NOTHING. Continue drinking my coffee.

I finally run out of coffee and notice lots of people pacing around. Great idea. I’ll do the same to keep my toes warm. By now it is 8:25am and no sign of the train. I look up at the platform and see a swarm of people leaving. They scream that the 8:25am train was canceled! However, if the 7:41am and 7:57am train weren’t canceled, does this mean they are on their way?

I stay put figuring that they must be! All of a sudden I hear “Toot toot tooooooot” coming down the tracks! We all start jumping for joy! Finally! It’s here!!!

The train is approaching fast! Very fast. It’s not slowing down! Not one bit. I realize this is the express train that usually comes before the 7:41am train. I turn my back as I think a breeze/wind tunnel is about to ensue. Once it passes, I look at everyone else…the ones who didn’t turn their backs are sprayed head to toe in fresh powder. I realize that my backside probably looks just like their front side but that’s better than a face full of snow.

The guy next to me says that he is going to give up hope in 10 minutes. I agree with him. I look to my other side and the girl next to me is crying…tears literally freezing to her face!

Just as 10 minutes go by and it is now almost 9am, a train creeps into the station. We are finally on and we creep into Boston.

I get to Boston almost warmed up. Still have a chill. I am looking forward to hopping on the T and getting to work. As I am exiting North Station to head to the Orange line, I hear a woman scream “Orange and Green lines are down! No shuttles either!” I blurt out “Are you f*cking kidding me!?” I hear this statement right after I touched the lucky shamrock plaque that says “Touch for good luck!” How can this be happening? I mean… I touched the f*cking plaque!

I had a Redbox, I needed to return so I head into the T station anyways. PS. Boyhood. Super depressing. Don’t watch it! I get down there and people are complaining saying they have been waiting for 40 minutes for the T. I head back up to the street and consider a cab. No cabs to be found. Uber decides to charges 4 times the rates. I guess I am walking! Yup…one mile to my office in slush and half cleared sidewalks. I walk as fast as I can. After all, it is 5 degrees out! 5! However, what blows my mind is the people taking their sweet a*s time walking. I hastily asked the slow walkers to MOVE by politely…err…ok not politely, more like angrily saying “EXCUSE ME!” I mean really it’s FIVE degrees and you are walking at the pace of a f*cking snail. REALLY!? And it wasn’t just one person doing this…there were quite a few.

Finally…FINALLY! I am inside. With hot cocoa and peaches and cream oatmeal trying to warm up. However, I am not warming up. I am chilled to the bone. I may have to resort to the office Scotch stash!

Good luck getting home everyone!

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