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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Thoughts of an MBTA Rider

6:45am- I am so early this morning. I will catch the early train in and avoid delays because it’s the early train, it’s on a fresh track and no one else will have this idea… no they won’t!

7ish am (I am not looking at phone or watch- too cold for this sh*t)- The train is here! I am so excited. I was right! I will make it to work on time!

7:03-ish am- Train stops, opens doors lets people off and says they aren’t taking any more passengers because of “heavy ridership” . We are informed a train is on its way.

7:04ish am- RIOT!! Yup! Hundreds of people on the platform are ready to flip the f*ck out!

7:05ish am- Do you wait for the train to come? Do you go home and warm up and come back?

7:06ish am- Check phone. Several emails indicate that the “train that’s on its way” is delayed 15, nope 20 nope 30 minutes, nope… the emails keep going.

7:07am- Go home and warm up.

7:10am- Dog is THRILLED that you are home from work so early! My, what a quick day that was.

7:30am- Head to train station in hopes that you can get to the front of the platform to be guaranteed to board.

7:31am- Dog devastated by your departure…again!

7:33am- Arrive at the station to realize it’s not coming for 21 more minutes…that’s an estimate as I later find out that it was not 21 minutes.

Wait and wait and wait.

7:50am- See train off in the distance. It’s not slowing down. Oh sh*t! That’s the express train! I am in the front for ideal boarding for the next train but it’s not ideal for the express train. Turn back just in time for ice chunks to be sprayed all over my back, legs and stuck in my hair!

7:51am- Attempt to remove all ice chunks.

7:55am- Permanent chill sets in. Now shivering even though fully prepared for the cold.

7:55am-8:15am- have to listen to awkward small talk conversations going on everywhere. Luckily, I am not in one of them.

8:15am- Train finally arrives. Board smoothly. Train is packed and I will take the first open seat.

8:16am- “Can I sit down?” I ask. “No, the ceiling is leaking on the middle seat.”  I Didn’t verify this. However, not taking chances with my chill that has set in. I went to next available seat.

8:20am- Sitting next to woman with “working girl look”. (Sneakers, tights and slouchy socks). It’s not the 80’s anymore lady! Get over that look!

8:25am- Shoot! I drank my coffee and never thought to pee before leaving the house for a second time. Damn! Was too concerned about disappointing the dog for a second time today.

8:50am- Arrive at North Station and B-Line it to the ladies room. There is no way I am getting stuck on the T while needing to pee!

9am- Get to T platform. Homeless woman with 2 coolie carts and a cheetah print blanky over her, is heckling the riders. 3 MBTA police step in and try to remove her but she technically isn’t doing anything wrong so they let her stay and remain close by in case she decides to go batsh*t crazy.

9:04am- The T arrives. We pile in. I am squished in so tightly that I don’t need to worry about holding on!

9:05am- We arrive at Haymarket. ONE woman needs to get off. ONE! Everyone piles out on to the platform, everyone piles back on. She isn’t happy with the amount of space given to her to get off the train and she starts screaming “LET ME OFF ALREADY” even though she was in fact off the train!

9:07am- State Street! AH! My stop! I am so packed in that it is nearly impossible to get off the train. I maintain my composure and finally I am freed to get off the train.

9:08am- Walk up the stairs to the street in the herd of sheeple and walk to my office.

Now, let’s see about getting home…

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