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Friday, December 30, 2011

Dental Train Wreck

The train has been quiet this week since many have taken this week as a holiday. So, I will reflect upon one of the moments that made me realize that my T riding experiences are not normal. When I had first become a train commuter, I had not yet mastered my “don’t talk to me” face. I boarded the packed T and was on my way to North Station. As I am standing in the aisle holding the handle, a man in his late 30’s looks up at me and says “That is a great back pack!” and I am flattered. I had on my new professional looking Samsonite back pack! I tell the man “Thank you.” thinking the conversation was over and to my surprise it wasn’t.

“I need a new back pack.” He says. My first thought is, great he wants MY back pack, where’s the pepper spray?
I reply back “I am very happy with mine. You can probably order one just like it online.”
“Good because my back pack was stolen earlier today. Ya know what makes me so mad about it?” he asks.
“I have no idea.” I say trying to end the conversation and realizing I’m stuck on the T for one more stop.
“The back pack wasn’t that great but my teeth were in it!”
I don't think I hear him correctly and am puzzled… teeth? Who keeps their teeth in their back pack? “What?” I question to make sure I actually heard that correctly.
“They took my teeth. My top teeth actually. Luckily I have my bottom ones in. See!” as he finishes his sentence, he reaches in his mouth and pulls out his bottom set of teeth proudly showing them off in his hand. He was serious…the thief took off with his back pack and his top set of teeth.

The train came to a screeching halt and that my friends was when I politely said “This is my stop. Good luck getting new teeth!” I flew out the door praying that North Station wasn’t his stop too.

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