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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!!

After a much needed long weekend of doing nothing and a much appreciated low key week before that, the train is back to the daily grind. No more seats to myself, no more spacious T rides. I am packed in with strangers all over again. However, I will say that my day was made this morning. It is official that I am a train commuter which brings us to:

Train Etiquette Tip #11-

Always say “Hello” to the conductor. It is a nice gesture and not to mention, it comes in handy when you forget and/or lose your train pass. When they remember who you are, they let ya slide every once in a while.

Well, my train etiquette tip #11 finally paid off. I did not forget and/or lose my train pass but it was even better. The conductor every morning and every afternoon checks the tickets. He always says “Thanks Hun” to the regulars (OK, the regular ladies). But when he gets to me every day and all the non-regulars he just says thanks. Well, this morning after saying good morning and handing him my pass he said “Thanks Hun!” I’m in! I’m officially a train commuter. The conductor has acknowledged me as one of his regulars which means that should I forget my train pass one day, I’m all set!  Which I won’t because I am very orderly with that sucker… at $151 a month, I’m not losing it because I’d have to re-buy the month again… no way do I want to do that… hmm a pair of shoes or re-buy my train pass? Tough decision… However, if I found myself in the situation of forgetting and/or losing my train pass, I know I’ll be fine.  

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