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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

50 Shades of What?

Last night coming home on the train, I had to catch an earlier train because of an appointment. This train was packed! I went all the way to the back of the train and finally found a seat in a foursome where two seats faced each other. I sat down with my bags on my lap because we had zero room but I’m not complaining because at least I was sitting.

The girl across from me is reading a book and I notice she is becoming very fidgety. Crossing her legs, uncrossing them, adjusting her pants, re-crossing her legs. I thought it was odd that someone would be that fidgety. I don’t think much of it until I look at the book she is reading… A paperback copy of 50 Shades of Grey. Ok people…this is a book that you either download to your Kindle, put a paper cover over it old school style or  read that book from the comfort of your own home!

When I see you reading a book labeled by various forms of media as “Mommy Porn” I have to think it’s a bit riskee to be reading it on the train. I think I’d  be caught off guard noticing a man reading a Hustler on the train wouldn't you?


  1. I think she just needed to use the bathroom.

  2. your censorship of my comment does reflect your sentiment about "mommy porn". But I have to insist: this blog post is regressive of women's rights!

  3. Tim, I will respond by saying- The point was- why get yourself all hot and bothered in a public place when you can't do anything about it. I am all for woman's rights and independence! However, I am guessing that reading things like this in a public space is how some people might get arrested for indecent exposure. :/ I was certainly not offended by her reading this. It just sucks to get all excited and be surrounded by strangers in public and not be able to do anything about it. Also, I don't appreciate it when people basically tell me my only option is to die.