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Monday, June 18, 2012

Good Ol' Reliable

This morning I wanted to sleep in soo bad. It was a busy weekend and sleep would have been greatly appreciated. I know it was an action packed weekend when my alarm goes off and my dog doesn't pester me to get on our walk pronto! She was exhausted by our trip up to Bike Week and visiting with family. I hit snooze and went back to sleep for a whopping six minutes. When my alarm went off again, my dog finally did her attempt to get up. She tried to jump in the bed and completely missed. That's one exhausted puppy. We both got ready for our walk and started the day. After an action packed weekend, I will sometimes catch the later train. It's an express train instead of making all the stops so I get into the city at a reasonable time. I like to catch the earlier train because I get to my office before anyone else which gives me time to get things done before the busy day starts. I wanted to catch that later train so bad today... and I got my wish, except, I got to the train station on time for the early train.

I get to the landing with a few minutes to spare. I  look up at the scrolling screen which usually does a count down for the next train but instead I see a scrolling message that says to tune in to a radio station for more details. I think "They only show that when the train is really late." Just as I think that, the train I'm supposed to get on blows right by the train station. Good Ol' Reliable train system to get me to the office when I want to be there. I figure they will send a back up train shortly. I whip out my phone and look over my Facebook feed. It works out I guess because I haven't really checked the feed since Friday and I have some catching up to do. A few minutes later, the Downeaster rolls into the station and stops. I think it's so nice of them to stop and pick us up for the commuter rail... but just as I am looking for a door that is open and a conductor to greet us, the train takes off.

I look to the scrolling screen for an update and all it says is to go to the radio station to get information. Who has walk men anymore? I can't pick up a radio station from where I'm standing. Especially an AM station and I wasn't about to trek back to my car to hear why the train is late because with my luck, while I'm at my car listening, the train would pull in and I'd miss it.

I continue scrolling through Facebook to kill the time. A train finally pulls in a few minutes after 8am. The train I so desperately wanted to take this morning was the 8:05am train. I should have gone with my instinct and just slept in a little. Happy Monday everyone. I hope your days started off smoother than mine.

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