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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

El Sick-o Looked Up My Dress!

So, forget about El Creep-o. We have a new El- Sick-o at the train station in the mornings. This morning I was walking over the over pass to get to the train platform when I noticed a guy staring up at me at just the right angle. My sunglasses were not over my eyes and were on the top of my head so I was able to give him a look of death when I realized he was at just the right angle to look up my dress. Sick-o! He didn’t even have sunglasses on so I knew where his eyes were going. I quickly switched to the other side of the over pass after giving him that look of death! When I came down to the bottom of the stairs, I went to where he was standing and looked up. There wasn’t anyone wearing a skirt at that time so I was good. However, had someone been wearing a skirt, I probably would have seen exactly what he saw confirming that he is in fact a sick-o! I hope you enjoyed your view of polka dot full coverage granny panties this morning you sick-o! This is why you never wear a thong with a dress! HUH!


  1. Why are you so angry? It's just panties. You should've worn a thong and enjoyed it

  2. Well...had i been wearing a thong and had he been hot, perhaps i would have. However, he looked like a creep. Creeps don't deserve thongs...or views of cute polka dot panties for that matter!