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Monday, June 11, 2012

Black, Blue and Purple

This weekend was my bachelorette party. Absolutely amazing time! I did however, manage go get a few bruises. One in particular is on the inside of my knee. It’s huge and it’s black, blue and purple. Of course today I wear a skirt. I looked all professional in my black skirt suit (until you see my knee).  

A man comes up to me and asks to sit in my seat as I am scrolling through pictures on Facebook of my party that people posted last night. He looks at my knee and says “Are you a cyclist?” I am confused and wonder what on earth would make this guy think I am a cyclist. My legs are not that muscular. I reply “No. Why?” he says “I get bruises like that on the inside of my knee’s all the time when I’m trying to go up a big hill and I bang the inside of my knee on the frame.” He glances down at my phone and it’s a picture of my friend and me hanging off a pole in not-so-professional clothes.  I look up and go “I work out.” And he replies “Ok. I’m not judging. I swear. I’m not judging.” Great! Now I have to sit next to this guy for another twenty minutes while clearly he sits there and DOES judge me.

To break the silence the guy says “Do you have an aunt that works at MIT? You look just like this woman I know. She could be your aunt… or mother. She is in her 60’s and your mannerisms and complexion is very similar to hers.” I say “No, I don’t have an aunt that works at MIT.” Then he says “I met her 20 years ago and you look just like she did when I met her.” OK, do the math… 60 minus 20 is 40! Really buddy, did you just call me 40?? Anywho, it was an awkward ride in this morning. Happy Monday Ladies and Gentlemen!

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