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Friday, June 22, 2012

Things People Do Attempting to Catch Their Train

I have seen some pretty amusing things as people try desperately to catch the train. Myself, being one of them. Here are some tactics I have seen:

Fashion Road Kill-

This person ran in an attempt to catch a commuter rail train with her friend. She was in heals and her friend was in, what I call “commuter shoes” (stylish flats). The friend starts running and says they can make it. The girl in heals says “I don’t know how you do this every day.” Immediately after she says this, she loses her balance and falls flat on her face. Like road kill, people swerved around her to miss her as they were also running for the same train. Her friend turns back to get her and the fashion road kill girl says “Go! You still have a shot at making it.” I felt like I was living a rail road version of Titanic or something. The friend stayed behind and missed the train with her. I was happy her friend didn’t just ditch out on her and leave her to get trampled at the train station.

Barefoot Runner-

This person can obviously not make the train running in the shoes they are wearing so they remove their shoes and run barefoot to catch the train. The other day someone coming out of the T realized they weren’t making the train in the shoes they were in so they removed them, ran through the T station, ran on the sidewalk and then ran through the train station. I hope they had sanitizer in their purse because those feet must have been nasty.

Bull Fighting Jack Ass-

You’ve read about this guy before. He see that there is no room on the train for him but he needs to get on so he charges at the door opening at full speed hoping that the impact will free up some space.

Bull in a China Shop-

This person is on a mission. They need to get on that train no matter who is in their way. If you’re in their way, watch out. I have had two Bull in a China Shop people behind me on two different occasions. One body slammed me into a wall and the other threw my down the escalator which got my foot stuck in the metal. So, beware of these ones. They come from behind and out of no where.

The Phoebe-

This was me this morning. The train pulled into the station two minutes early as I was getting out of my car at the opposite end of the parking. We’ve all seen the Friends episode where Rachael and Phoebe are running through Central Park and Phoebe runs like a nut (and if you haven't you can click here). Well, that was me. I had white pants on and couldn’t spill my coffee so I had to run like Phoebe with my arm sticking straight out so I didn’t get any coffee on my pants. I looked ridiculous.

Strict No Run Policy-

Others have a strict no run for public transit policy. They don’t want to look stupid or plow anyone over. They won’t do it no matter what. Even if it means waiting for that next train.


This person has an extra set of wheels on them be it a razor, a skateboard, wheelie shoes… they are equipped to roll. One day in the parking lot some guy whipped out a skate board and he definitely beat me to the train! I contemplated getting a razor to show him up but then I’d have to carry it around all day.

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