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Friday, September 21, 2012

18 Wheeler!

Happy Friday!! My Friday started off nicely. I was running on time for the commuter rail when all of a sudden, I am cut off by an 18 wheeler that decided he wants to go 20 miles per hour. I can't pass him, I am just stuck behind him. Since I don't leave too much room for error on my morning commute of about 3 miles to the train, this totally screwed me over! Finally about a mile before the train station, the lanes open up to two lanes and I was able to whiz by him and cut in front of him. I rushed that last mile and pulled into the first parking spot I could comfortably fit in. I then grabbed my things and booked it out of my car to the platform. As I get on the train I wonder to myself "Did I leave my car in first gear? Did I at least put the e-brake on?" Great, I'm on the train and now I don't know if my vehicle is rolling around the parking lot like a lost grocery cart! Happy Friday. Let's all cross our fingers my vehicle is on flat land!!

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