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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Nicely Played

This morning, unlike yesterday, being skinny among not-so-skinny people worked to my advantage. I ran down the stairs at North Station to catch the T going toward Forest Hills. If I didn't catch it, I was waiting five or more minutes for the next one. As I ran down the steps, I notice the train is packed! I also spot a small little spot on the edge that I am sure I could squeeze in to. I then notice about three people hovering around that spot and then back up as if to say they give up.

I run over to them and say "Do you mind?" as I motion to the spot (If they could have fit there, there is no way in hell I would have taken that spot! You take the last spot on the T like that and you are gonna make some enemies). They motion for me to go ahead. I jump on the T in that tiny little spot that they weren't going to fit in and bang into a guy who is already boarded and holding on to the hand rails. "I'm so sorry!" I tell him. "No problem. That was nicely played! Well done!" Triumphantly I tell him "Thank you." as the doors close immediately behind me.

It's a better start to my day today and hopefully the day continues on nicely.

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