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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Ok, I am sick and tired of being squished on the train! I may be a size zero weighing in at 109 pounds but it doesn’t give you the right to squish me because you’re ass is too damn big! Maybe…Just MAYBE, when you’re 350 plus pounds you could find a seat and sit all by yourself in it OR you could find a three seater that has one person in it and take up the other two seats BUT don’t find ME in a two seater and take up the whole damn seat so that I am pressed against the damn window the entire freakin’ ride! I wouldn’t walk down the aisle and see you sitting in a two seater and see the sliver of room on the seat and say “That’s a perfect spot for me. I’ll sit there!” No, it wouldn’t happen, EVER! I’d keep walking soooo obviously if I would pass up on a sliver of a seat on the outside on the aisle, I wouldn’t want a sliver of a seat on the inside next to the window. At least with the aisle I’d be able to freakin’ breath.

So, are we clear? Don’t squish the skinny person because you’re not…um skinny! Please and thank you!

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