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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Little Engine Who Could

It seems that everyone has their breaking point when it comes to being packed in like a sardine on the T. This morning the Orange Line was having some signal issues. As it pulled in to North Station, the T was packed. I boarded and we all sat there packed in like sardines waiting…willing for the T to just go! The doors remained open and we just sat in the station, and sat, and sat! The driver suggested we take the Green line instead and then we heard it over the loud speaker at the station. No one moves. After a while I hear “I can’t take this anymore!” and someone charges off the T from the depths of the aisles. We let this person off and pile back into the train. Then after we’re all situated again, another person decides they too are feeling a bit claustrophobic and come charging off. We let him off and pile back in. Well this is fun and unnecessary. Once we are back in, the doors close and we are on our way. Like the little engine who could, we go slowly down the tracks. Finally we make it to State Street and I am off the T. Phew! I can breathe again and I’m off to work.

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