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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall Fashion Thoughts

My ADD fall fashion thoughts as I walked through the train station this morning. Yes, I could go to hell...

“Oh! No, No, No! Where did you get your skirt this morning? Out of the laundry pile? It’s a crumpled mess!”


“Oooh That’s cute! Black blazer and a red dress…remember that outfit. I could so do that!”

“Do you EVEN own a full length mirror?”

“Buddy, when you shrink your pants, they go to good will so someone who is shorter than you can fit in them. We aren’t in a flood zone.”

“Scrunchy slouch socks? They still make those? I thought those went away with the 90’s!”

“Braids! Super cute! Could I get away with wearing braids to the office? Hmm?”

“T-Shirt? Aren’t you freezing in this 47 degree weather lady? Oh wait, you’re like older, maybe you are experiencing a hot flash…my bad.”

“Shape-Ups! Get those off you’re feet!!”

“Cute Sweater! Yes, sweaters… it’s that season. I forgot about them. Yay. I get to start wearing my sweaters.”

“Would it kill you to just put a brush through your hair?”

“Super cute boots! Thanks for reminding me, I have a ton stashed under my bed that I can start to rock! YAY! Tomorrow for sure!”

“Nylons? Tights? CRAP! I’m so not ready for this!”

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