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Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Columbus Day

This morning, after an epic weekend, I hit snooze perhaps one too many times. I get up, take the dog for a walk and get ready. I rushed around but not enough. I hop in my car and realized that I a.) Left my coffee on the counter and b.) I had exactly 6 minutes to drive to the train station and run to the train. That my friends, is nearly impossible on a normal day, let alone a holiday when the train most likely runs a little early.

I head back upstairs to get my coffee and take my time getting to the train station in order to catch the next train, which luckily it is an express to Boston so we avoid about 5 or so stops.

As I am on the platform by myself, an older gentleman joins me finally. He says “Are we the only ones that had to work today?” My answer was “Are you in Finance?” his answer “Why yes, how did you know?” and I respond that the stock market is open today and that’s why we don’t get it off. However, I assured him that once we got to the financial district, we wouldn’t feel so alone.

As we boarded the train, there is hardly anyone on it. I was really looking forward to reading my book when he asked if he could sit with me. I agreed and we chit chatted the whole way to North Station. When we got to North Station, he gets up and says “Thank you. This has been one of the more enjoyable train rides into work in a while.” That meant so much. It made me stop and think. Why are we all typically so closed off to others? I could have been one of them this morning with my nose in my black berry catching up on Facebook posts followed by my nose in my book. It doesn’t take much to connect with others and it shows that we are all human. In the days of Facebook and online connecting, it’s starting to become rarer to interact with actual humans with out the interference of some device. From now on, I will be paying more attention to what’s in front of me and being in the moment instead of scrolling through Facebook to find out what my friends are up to. I will be reading the posts but personal interaction will come first.

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