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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Move it or I'll Lose it!

Ya know what I can’t stand? People who walk slow! I’m not talkin’ about someone with a broken foot or a good reason to walk slow but the fully able bodied person that can’t seem to get out of anyone’s way because they are too stupid to realize other people have places to go. This morning, coming off the train, I was stuck behind a couple walking annoyingly slow. They looked able bodied. I tried to pass them. However, when I swerved to the left to go around them, they swerved slowly to the left too. I then swerved to the right to try and get around them. They swerve back over to the right. They were just wondering, taking in the sights, which is fine but not during the morning rush people!! We finally get on the escalator to head down to the Orange and/or Green line (My destination was Orange, God only knows where they were going). They stand on the escalator two by two completely blocking the left side which is generally reserved for… you guessed it, passing! Everyone knows this! Come on people, a little escalator etiquette please?

One guy behind me screams to the guy to move it and he finally get’s the hint but he doesn’t move over enough for someone to pass. He leaves his huge bag in the way. We get to the bottom and at the bottom, when we’re supposed to be walking; they decide to look through their bags for their train pass. Ya couldn’t find this while you were stopped dead killing time on the escalator?

The finally they get the hint and pull off to the side and I booked it toward the Orange line and made my merry little way to the office. Fun Fun on the T today!

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