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Monday, October 22, 2012

Thanks for the News Flash

My Monday morning started out nicely. I  was running early for the train and proud of myself that I didn't have to high tail it to the train station plowing over speed bumps at top speeds. I get to the train and of course because I want to get to work on time, the train is late. It finally comes and I hop on. I relax on the way to the city and transfer to the Orange line. Of course it's a packed train so I squish in. The next stop at Haymarket a girl piles in behind me. I was legit, the last person that should have been packed on to that train but the girl pushes her way on. The doors close and she fits. I feel a shove behind me and the girl screams out "There is no reason to shove me." and a guy says "Yes there is. You're squishing me and i don't like it." the girl responds "Get over it. Most of these people are getting off in one stop anyways." the guy is getting pissed as we are all whipping around the train car because we don't have handles "Thanks for the news flash but I don't like being squished." the girl retorts back "Anytime my friend. Anytime... This is rush hour what to you expect?" Just as she finishes her statement, the doors open at State and I go flying off. I swear, if those two were of the same sex, it would have been a full out brawl on that T. They were both getting heated...and what the hell kind of man pushes a girl on the T anyways?

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