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Thursday, October 4, 2012

I Don't Get It

This morning, once again the train conductor comes in and announces that anyone in a three seater that has a middle seat open needs to slide in. It was a different conductor and he was actually nice about it.

Once we got to the next stop, I slid in to the middle seat. I was the only one that willingly slid in. The others on aisle seats stayed put until someone asked. Well, the entire stop walked right by my open aisle seat. One guy stood next to it for a good minute debating to sit or not. He didn't and moved on to the back. Another two guys after him blew right by me too.

That was one else left to walk by. The entire stop blew right by my open seat. Pretty much everyone asked to sit down in another seat or remained standing. I slid back out to the aisle seat and stayed there the rest of the ride. If someone wanted to sit bad enough, they'd ask and guess one did so I had a nice buffer between myself and the over sized hippy next to me.

Speaking of over sized hippy. Usually, if I see a couple sitting together and an aisle seat is open, I usually walk by it because I'll let them be together with out some stranger hovering next to them in their seat. Good god. I hope no one thought I was WITH the hippy guy. He seemed nice and all but dreads and patchouli just aren't my thing. My husband is bald and wears Jean Paul Gaultier.

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  1. That husband of yours is naked? No wonder nobody wants to sit next to him.