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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nobody Likes a Tattle Tale

Friday afternoon a friend and I are heading through the entry gates at State for the Orange line when all of a sudden we hear behind us “She didn’t pay her fare! She didn’t pay her fare! OFFICER!!!!! SHE DIDN’T PAY HER FARE!!” We turn around to find a red faced man screaming while pointing out this twenty-something year old girl. The girl looks confused and finally he has the attention of the MBTA police officer. The girl turns around and walks down the stairs and shrugs off the situation as does the MBTA officer. Everyone else breaks out in laughter and the red faced man finally shuts up. It was rush hour and an MBTA officer was literally two feet away. You’d have to be cocky or an idiot to try and sneak on by. Plus, half the time even when the card reads your card and it tells you you’re fine to go, it buzzes anyways just for fun. My friend and I walk to the platform as people are yelling down the stairs “Nobody likes a tattle tale!!” He’s right, no one likes a tattle tale but then again, no one likes a fare evader either. BUT, no offense, catching one fare evader isn’t going to solve the MBTA deficit over night.  

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