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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Don't be Stupid, Clueless or Lack Courtesy

In case you haven't seen them at your train station, here is how I have to pay to park at my train station in the morning. You park in the parking spot. It is labeled with a number and then you have to go to this big box and find your number. At that number is a slot and you have to drop in $4 dollars. It can be cash or coins. Every day I count out $4 ones before leaving my drive way and put them with my coffee. When I get to the station I fold up my four bills into eighths so I can easily throw them in the slot. Since everyone in the parking lot needs to put their money in this way, it's courteous to get your money in the slot and go!

Some people either are stupid, lack courtesy or are completely clueless on how this parking box works. I will take the time to fill those in on how to pay so they don't continually piss people off like someone did to me recently. 

I get to the train station, I have minimal time to get to the landing before the train comes and I have some idiot in front of me paying out of a baggy of coins. He is taking nickles, dimes, quarters...even pennies to pay for his parking! I get it. Money is money! BUT COUNT IT OUT BEFORE YOU GET TO THE PAY STATION! Simple!

I hear the bell chiming which means the train is coming. I am of course irritated that someone can be so stupid. I interrupt him. "Excuse me! I'm going to put this in my slot now!" I say before I forget which parking spot I actually parked in. He looks up confused. Then looks behind me at the line that has now formed because he decided to count out his change at the pay station as he put it in the slot. He steps out of the way and we all plow over him to put our money in. We all go to the landing and he is still counting out his money. He probably did make the train. However, had I not spoken up, I doubt the line of us behind him would have made it.

So, please don't be stupid, clueless or lack courtesy! Count your money out in your car so you can toss it in the slot like everybody else does. Please and thank you!

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