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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Boyfriend Leaves Girlfriend Stranded

Heading home last night, the train stops at Haymarket. A few people get on and one couple stands on the platform looking in. There seems to be room for one of them on the sardine packed train but not both of them. Someone says “We can make room for one more.” And we seem to squish in even tighter to each other making room for the couple. However, the guy gets on and the girl waits for him to get situated before she tries to get on. Well, the doors slam and don’t open. She looks like a lost puppy dog and in shock.

“You left me here! All by myself! You just left me!” she screams to him through the door. He screams back “You’ll be fine! Just one stop! ONE STOP!” The train takes off and he turns to everyone “She’ll be fine. It’s only one stop right?” We all collectively giggle which fades into the normal train silence.

I had to crack up though because this poor woman was just left on the platform all by herself while we had every intention of squeezing her on. Although, the train conductor didn’t seem to think it was necessary to get her on board. I hope she made it to North Station OK!

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