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Thursday, December 6, 2012

You Fit the Profile

Heading home last night, I caught the 5:10 train home. I made it to the train at 5:08 and hopped on hoping to find a seat. My new theory is that I am going to take the first available seat I see when it comes to packed trains. This is because if I walk by three seaters with a middle seat open in hopes of finding a two seater with an empty seat, I am sadly mistaken. I will end up sitting in a middle seat at the front of the train or at the back of the train. So, I can walk all the way to the end of the train and sit in a crappy seat and then at my stop have the extra walking to my car for getting off the back of the train or I can sit in the front in the same crappy seat and save myself some walking.

That being said, I come up on a three seater with an empty middle seat. I lean down and ask if I could sit down. The guy looks me up and down and says "You fit the profile! Sit on down!" and he slides right in to the middle seat and lets me have the outter seat.Score! But also strange! He must not be a commuter.

Once I sit down he says "I was holding out for someone like you. I didn't want to be stuck with....ya know..." I knew exactly what "ya know" meant. Someone that's stinky or gonna squish him or worse...both!

As you may be aware by my previous posts, I can't stand stinky people or the larger ones that plaster me up against a window. So, I am self concious. I spray myself with body spray before leaving the office every day and I eat "card board crap" (as my dad would call it) to stay fit. I am please to know that I'm officially not "Ya know!" one of those people you dread sitting next to.

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