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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Just Another Rainy Tuesday

This morning as I get to the train station, I have my umbrella open and stand on the platform and wait for the train. A woman who is shorter than me, who doesn't have an umbrella, unbeknownst to me, crouches in behind me to share my umbrella. The train comes and I have to take my umbrella down so that I can board. When I do, I think I am the only one under the umbrella and rightly so, who the hell jumps under a strangers umbrella with out being invited? I bring the umbrella down to close it. I whack the woman who is also under my umbrella. "Watch it! Jesus!" the woman yells at me. I look around and realize that there is no one else around me so why is she so close. Then I realize she was kinda crouched up against my back pack and realize that she was infringing upon MY no rain zone space because she is either too cheap to buy her own umbrella or too absent minded to remember hers. I apologize even though I know she was sneakily behind me under my umbrella. "Well be careful next time!" I give her a dirty look because I know if I open my mouth pre-coffee, I just might say something mean like "There won't be a next time because I don't let strangers share my umbrella." or "I only apologized because I was being nice but you were the one in my space." But because I know better, I kept quiet and boarded the train. Why do people feel entitled to strangers things (even if it is a foot and a half of dry space)? And is it just me, or is it always ugly people that are so darn cranky? Maybe when they aren't being cranky to you, they look fine and normal but the second they start to be impolite, I just see them as ugly in my eyes.

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