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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oh Great! The Mafia at 11pm!

Last night I went to meet a friend in Jamaica Plain. We grabbed drinks and played some good old trivia. It was so much fun but all good things must come to an end and I was heading on my way back home. I got on the Orange Line at Stony Brook and was heading to Sullivan Square. A few stops into my little journey, a man hops on with a nice pea coat and a stylish hat. He looks at me. It was almost 11pm and I just never know on the T so I look away.

I was sporting a fedora and the man gets closer to me “That is a great hat!” I look up and reply “Thanks! I was admiring yours too.” I wanted to ignore him but when you ignore people they tend to get mad and cause scenes so to pacify him I just talked.

“You have great taste.” He says as he points to my hat, jacket, purse and work bag with his index finger like 1,2,3,4. “Why thank you!” I reply and kinda look away hoping he would get the hint.

“You should get off at Back Bay with me and get a drink at the Plaza.” He says. I look up at the board and Back Bay is the next stop. “No thank you.” I respond. I look at his left hand. He’s married! What a jerk. (I have gloves on so he can’t see my ring).

Back Bay!” the conductor screams. Few! Saved by the conductor.

He turns to me as he’s got one foot on the platform and one foot still in the train “If you ever change your mind and wanna meet up, go to the North End. The Cornah Store. Ask for me. Everybody knows me! Everybody ovah there knows me!”

Great! He’s probably mafia! Just great! Now I’m glad I didn’t ignore him. Don’t wanna piss those guys off…

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