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Monday, April 8, 2013

A*s in my face- Stretching

Today, I had the honor of being behind someone that wanted to do their morning stretching routine while waiting for the train to arrive. He was standing on the platform packed in with everyone else while he is doing various stretching exercises. OK, it is one thing to go off in a corner and do your morning stretches. We get it, you have no time to do these things on your own personal time and in your own personal space and so, you have to get stretching done in a public place. Fine. We got it. However, it is another thing to stand among a herd of people and bend over and touch your toes so you’re a*s is in my face. Talk about awkward! If you go in a corner and do these away from people, it is not like you will miss the train. The train is loud enough when it comes in to the station, there are warning bells that go off and the train gives us three whistles to make sure we are paying attention. So, go stretch in the corner buddy!

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