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Friday, April 26, 2013

In One Eye and Out The Other

Last night, since I was attending an investor dinner, I took a much later train home. I sat down in a three seater next to a guy who was reading and I whipped out my book too. I was exhausted but if I didn’t read, I thought I might fall asleep. Boy was I wrong. A couple that just left the Bruins game pile in with their two small children and sit behind me. Another couple comes on the train. There aren’t any seats free that are side by side so they take an end seat in a two seater. He sits down and she sits on his lap.

The train takes off and the kids belonging to that couple behind me start losing their little minds. The parents made them leave the game before it had ended and the kids just couldn’t handle not knowing how it officially ended. The dad immediately pulls up the game on his tablet and the kids calm down. Then, one of the kids hits a button and they lose the game. Melt down number two, here we go. “Whyyyyyyyy do you have to push buttons? You make me cryyyyyyyyyy” one of them screams with devistation. The other says “I didn’t touch anythinggggggggggg” like a whiny little brat. The dad brings up the game again and the kids shut up.

Meanwhile, the guy next to me starts mumbling to himself what he is reading. I am not sure if this is to try and tune out the little snots or if he just doesn’t have an inside voice.

The young couple next to me with the girl friend on the boy friends lap start making out. I at least have a foot between us. How awkward would it be to have been the one sharing the seat with them! AWKWARD! They come up to breath to buy their passes when the conductor comes by and they return right back to their make out session.

I try and try to read my book but it’s just not happening. The mumbling guy next to me is making me lose my thought. I get to the bottom of the page and am like “What did I just read? How did I even get to the bottom of the page?” I call this “In one eye and out the other!” It happened to me all the time. Mainly when I was in college and was forced to read uninteresting things. These days it’s just when people are distracting me.

The game ends on the screen and the kids behind me start melt down number three.  I shut the book. I’m not evening going to try anymore.

After I put the book away, I realize now, that since I am not buried in my book, I have to witness this make out session next to me and hear the mumblings of some National Geographic article. FUN!

Finally after 45 minutes, we arrive at my stop! Thank goodness! I get off the train and high tail it to my truck…AKA my little sanctuary away from these crazies. I turn up my music and am on my way home after a long day.

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