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Friday, April 12, 2013

Crouching Ninja, Hidden Dragon

Inappropriate Stretching Guy is also a ninja! Last night, I took a later train home. I got off the train at my stop and had to wait to cross the tracks to get to my truck. I immediately notice Inappropriate Stretching Guy and he looks like he is lined up to start a sprinting race. I smirk to myself because I just think this guy is too much. He’s got his running shoes on with his work pants, a wind breaker and his back pack while crouched over and ready to go. There aren’t many people around since it is the later train so I stand back and watch.

The conductors slam the doors and signal the engineer to go. As the train starts rolling out, this guy is bouncing up and down in his sprint position awaiting the end of the train. The end of the train clears and this guy is on the move as if it was a shot gun start. He runs through the parking lot and I keep looking to see what car he gets into. Ninja’s usually have pretty sweet cars. However, he doesn’t get into a car. He runs by all of them and out of the parking lot into the street. I continue watching as he disappears into the night. A couple people near me are shaking their heads because this guy just looks like a lunatic. I, on the other hand giggle to myself on the way to my truck because if it weren’t for people like him, my commute wouldn’t be as entertaining as it is!

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