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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pre-Coffee Thoughts

These are my pre-coffee thoughts that went through my head at the train station this morning. I know I am going to hell…and clearly I am not a morning person.

“You look like a treasure troll today…and every other day.” I think about a woman who has a bad perm and most likely gets her hair coloring out of a box purchased at the Dollar Store. Her hair is dead and the fly aways are out of control.  

“Youuuu look like you belong in a fairy tail underneath a toadstool.” I think to myself about a short guy wearing a golf hat with his hands neatly folded into each other in front of him. I just picture him as a seven dwarf or holding a lollipop representing the lollipop guild.

“Oh it’s the ninja-stretching guy.” He was containing himself today and wasn’t stretching with his a*s in my face or getting ready to sprint off. Yay!

“You look like you just rolled out of bed.” I think of a woman who’s got the worst bed head hair I’ve seen yet. She tried masking it with a head band. From the front, she looks fine. From the back, it is a disaster. Don’t people check the back of their heads? Good hair from the back side is just as important as the front side. Geesh!

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