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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

No Farting on the Train. Kapeesh?

So, let’s talk about farting in confined, enclosed spaces with lots of people around…DON’T DO IT! It’s that simple!

This morning on the train someone around me didn’t just fart once but twice! This my friends is as bad as dutch oven-ing someone in bed or turtle-ing someone in the car! Not cool my friend! Not cool! The windows on the train do not open. There is ZERO ventilation on that sucker. The only ventilation we get is at a stop when the conductor opens the doors to the outside. Once those airtight doors are closed, nothing comes in, nothing goes out. Is that clear? This means your stinky farting mess wafts in the air as everyone else around you gags and suffers until it clears. You either fart before you get on the train or you “clench” until you get outside. Got it? Thanks!

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