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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Clammy Hand Holding with Strangers on the T

Do you ever hop on the T and grab the pole and hang on for dear life so you don’t fall over? I definitely do. The other night on my way to North Station, I hopped on the train and grabbed the pole by the door. Some lady put her hand above mine on the pole. Well, she must have either put on lotion or her hand was sweating. I kept my hand in one place. Her hand, however, kept slipping down over mine as if she was trying to hold my hand. Clearly, I am not into hand holding with middle aged strange women so I move my hand down. Her hand creeps onto mine again. I move my hand down again and guess what...her hand finds mine again! I finally can’t go any lower, I get irritated and move my hand to the over head railing. Luckily I am tall enough to reach it!

So people, when you are holding the pole on the train, be aware of where you hand is and where it is going! Holding hands with clammy stranger’s palms is not everyone’s cup of tea. Thanks!

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