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Friday, May 10, 2013

Taking Responsibility For Your Own Actions

Last night after work, I went over to the Mandarin Oriental for the Tiffany & Co. Showcase. It was fabulous! I sipped Prosecco while “Ohhing” and “Ahhing” over the stunning jewels. I left there at about 7:10pm to catch my train home out of North Station at 7:30pm.

I walked down to Copley Station, I put my card in the reader and as I did, a trolley pulled up. I hopped on the green line heading toward Lechmere and I figured I was all set to make my train out of North Station since google maps estimated my trip to take 15 minutes.

There is a woman talking on the phone across from me. She tells the person to hold on because she has another call. She clicks over and answers. The trolley stops, the doors open. No one gets off and then it dawns on this woman that this is her stop. She tells the person on the phone to hold on. As she gets to the door, the doors close and she starts yelling at the engineer. “HEY!! HEY!! This is my stop! HEY!!” He doesn’t hear her and she goes running to the front. The train starts to take off and then, once she gets to the front, the train stops. However, we are already in the tunnel.

We wait…and we wait…and we wait! I have no idea what is going on because I can’t hear her or the conductor. I can just see her doing her diva “Oh no you didn’t” Snaps and hand gestures.

Finally after a while, she comes stampeding down the aisle and sits back down in her seat. She returns to the person on the phone “I missed my stop! Did you hear that? OMG! I have to get off at the next one now. I can’t believe he didn’t let me off after the doors closed.” I just thought to myself “There is another person who is at fault yet won’t take accountability for their actions. Idiot!”

She gets off at the next stop and I look at the clock. I am definitely pushing it. It’s going to be close. I change my shoes from stilettos to flats while I’m on the T so that if I have to run, I can.

We pull into North Station at 7:32pm. I missed my train by two minutes! Two minutes!! Thanks a lot lady for pitching a fit because you’re an idiot and missed your stop. Had we not sat in the tunnel FOREVER, I would have made my train (And yes, I know I am not taking “accountability” here but this isn’t my fault. I would have soo made it had she not had a hissy fit and made the T stay put in the tunnel while she screamed at the driver.)

I sat in North Station for the next hour until the 8:30pm train arrived. I caught up on Facebook, made a few phone calls and actually got a chance to admire my parting gift from the Tiffany’s event so I guess it wasn’t all that bad.  

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