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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sacajawea Coins and Morons

Remember these prized people with no tire tread? Tire Tread Mandatory

Well, not only was I running behind this morning, I get stuck behind these people once again. They are doing a whopping 25mph in a 30mph zone! Annoying and unacceptable if you ask me! They then, round a corner and slow down! I see a donut on the back tire of their car. Looks like they finally wore through one of the tires.

I wind behind them all the way to the train station. Once they pull in, they stop dead! I am in a dilemma here, I want to lay on my horn at these complete idiots because I have to get by so that I can park. They, on the other hand are just waiting for the train and the driver is leaving after she drops off the passenger. I don't want to look like a jerk to all the people on the platform so I don't lay on my horn but these people definitely deserve a good horn blow. I manage to get around them and look over to give them a "You are a f*cking idiot" stare. I notice they have Dunkin Donuts iced coffees. Oh good! Why don't you lay off the coffees for a week and buy yourself a damn tire. Morons!

Anyway, I park in the first spot I see that I can fit in, AKA along the back by the fence where no one else parks. I grab my stuff and start folding my dollars (note to self, start getting $1 Sacajawea coins). I run toward the platform, shove my money in the slot and make it just in time to board the train. Phew! Happy Hump Day.

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