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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Revolving Door Etiquette

Screw talking about the train today. Let’s talk about revolving door etiquette. Shall we?

Revolving doors are tricky! They go against all manners men and women are taught. The man goes first. ‘Why?’ might you ask. Well, because the person in the front is the one pushing the door so it is thought that men should push through the door and a woman would walk gracefully through.

That being said, MEN… When you go first in the revolving door, don’t go round and round like a speed demon! Either go slow or make sure the woman behind you (or person behind you for that matter) is properly in the door slot.

Case in point: I head out to grab an iced tea and a froyo on this beautiful day. The guy in front of me sees me and goes in the door and starts pushing. I think to myself “Finally someone who knows proper revolving door etiquette.” I then hop in to my slot but while I am doing that, he takes off like a bat out of hell and my purse and my arm get stuck in the revolving door. I am instantly pissed! “HEY!! HEY!!! MY ARM!!!!” I scream at him.

He turns around. Rolls his eyes at ME and then pushes the door back in my direction. Once I am situated in the door, he pushes again. He gets to the outside before me. Turns around and looks at me again and shakes his head and leaves before I even get out of the door. What an A*S! I am no longer impressed that you know proper revolving door etiquette and am starting to think it was only by default that you were correct. I am guessing you were being a self centered a*s who just wanted to go first and rush through the door. GRR!

Thankfully, I was on my way to meet a friend for froyo and iced tea and forgot about how much my arm hurt!

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