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Friday, May 24, 2013

Memorial Day Kick Off

This morning, since I am leaving work early, I decided to take an earlier train to work. I sit in my seat and at the next stop, a guy sits down next to me. He smells! Ya know that "I went drinking last night and am sweating it out my pours today" smell. Ya! That's the one. It was so gross. It looks like someone started their memorial day a tad bit early. I sat there reading my book trying to take in the smell of my french vanilla coffee.

I get to the office and explain what happens to a few of the guys. One tells me that in his college days, he was on a Grey Hound Bus with his buddies and they were in a similar state. The girls on the bus handed back their magazines with perfume strips and instructed the guys to rub the strip all over them. To which the guys obliged. He said didn't care if he smelled like a girl, it was better than that hungover smell.

So, I guess I will be carrying magazines with me. Particularly ones with perfume strips and especially near long weekends!

Have a great memorial day everyone!!

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