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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Crop Dusting on Escalators

Are escalators included in public transit because I’m gonna talk about them today? I went to DSW in Down Town Crossing on my break today. If you’ve been to that DSW in particular, you know that the escalator ride to the top is a rather long one. I get on and there is a rather large man in front of me wearing a green polo that is tucked into his dad jeans and he is sporting sweet (sarcasm) shiny white New Balance dad shoes. I am breathing normally when all of a sudden I am choking on the most awful fart smell I have ever smelled. The culprit, and only other person on the escalator is the guy in front of me!

So, if you are on an escalator, hold it! You can’t go crop dusting your way up to the top because the person behind you has no choice but to go through your wafting stench! That is all and enjoy this beautiful day.  

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