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Monday, May 6, 2013

Roller Blading to the Train

Remember the good old 90's when everyone owned a pair of roller blades and it was cool to be seen roller blading along the Charles, at the beach and so on? Well, today for a brief moment, the 90's were back except, roller blades are so not cool anymore! I don't believe I have seen anyone cool on roller blades in about 15 years. I have seen people on roller blades, like for instance, the creep in my hometown whom, I assume got a DWI and uses those suckers as his mode of transportation and stalks local parks (the original El- Creep-O). However, today, some guy is trying to make a comeback with these things as his mode of transportation to the train station.

I am reading my book and out of the corner of my eye I see a guy come to a screeching halt outside the train. He bends over to take off his shoes? I look again. He is bending over to take off his roller blades! The train is almost fully boarded and he realizes that he isn't close enough to the door. He wheels his way a little further and bends down again. He starts to panic as the conductor starts closing up. He whips off those bad boys. Apparently, he already knows he can't board the train with them on so he must have done this before. He has bright white tube socks. Those suckers just got ruined as he had to walk a few steps to the train and board with no shoes on. He walks down the dirty aisle in his bright white socks and finds a seat.

When we disembarked the train, he had finally put his sneakers on and his oh-so-90's-cool roller blades were strapped together and hanging from his bag.

Who has roller blades anymore and do you use them?

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