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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dance Dance Revolution

So, if you haven’t gathered already, I am NOT a morning person. Not one bit. This morning, I get on the train and sit on the bottom of the double decker. Hardly anyone is near me until we get to Anderson. People pile on and this couple sits across from me. They are sharing ear buds. Think of this…when you share ear buds, you are putting someone else’s earwax into your own ear. THINK….AH….BOUT…IT!!!

Anyway, they have the volume cranked. I try to tune it out and sip my coffee quietly but thennnn, they start dancing to it. I mean getting down and have matching dance moves. I am trying to tune them out along with the rest of the people around me but they continue on. They pretty much have their own dance-a-thon in their seat from Anderson to North Station.

I don’t mind that they are happy but at the crack-a*s of dawn, there is no need to be having a dance party on the MBTA while others are still trying to get out of the fog and sip their coffee.

So we recap:

·         Don’t have a dance-a-thon at the crack of dawn on the train.
·         Don’t put other people’s earwax in your own ears.

That is all!

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