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Monday, December 9, 2013

Stomach Bug on the Commuter Rail

Oh the things you don’t think about until you are smack dab in the middle of a horrible situation.

Last Thursday at about 4pm I had this awful feeling come over me. It was my turn in the office to get the stomach bug. It was running ramped through our office and no matter how many times I sanitized my hands and went around with Lysol wipes to clean the door knobs and shared surfaces, I got it. I darted off to the ladies room so the poor janitors didn’t have to clean up my mess.

My initial thought was to go home immediately. Then I remembered that I had to go on the train…for nearly an hour…without a bathroom nearby…during rush hour. Mother F*cker! This sucks!! I thought about what I had eaten that day and figured that I’d wait to catch the train until I had rid my stomach of everything (GROSS! I know but what else are you gonna do?)

I sat at my desk and tried to get my reports done that are usually done Friday and get them out as fast as I could. I heard this bug lasted 24 hours so I didn’t plan on making the trek to Boston in the morning if I was still sick.

The longer I was running reports, the longer I had to worry about my trek home. I had a feeling it was going to be an utter disaster. I rummaged through my desk and found a paper DSW bag that I had stashed (I may or may not have a slight shoe addiction and the less my husband sees DSW bags coming through the door, the better). I contemplated lining the bag with plastic wrap but I thought that was a bit extreme. The bag was for an emergency and I didn’t want to jinx myself.

Around 5:30pm I left the office for the train station with my DSW paper bag at the top of my tote. I was feeling like I’d make it home but you never know once motion starts to happen.

I got on the 5:50pm train and it was packed. There was hardly anywhere to sit. I had seen a woman once scream at someone that she was “sick and contagious” and everyone scattered and gave her her own seat. I wasn’t about to do that in front of various people I have to see every day so I continue onward and hope to find a three seater with a middle and end seat open.

In the 4th car, I finally find one and don’t have to scream at people that I could be sick and get them sick since this guy was at the window and we had a whole middle seat in between us. AND lucky me, he got off at the first stop and I had the entire three seater to myself after that.

I did manage to get to my stop without being sick. However, it never dawned on me in the almost 3 years of train commuting that I could get sick and not have anywhere but the floor in front of me to do it on.

Oh, the things you don’t think about until you are in quite the predicament

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