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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hitting Your Head and Supportive Shoes

So, I got a new phone. There is an app that tracks my steps throughout the day. I know I walk a lot and have always been curious as to how far I actually do walk in a day. I set up the app and try to remember to carry my phone EVERYWHERE! Yesterday, I did just that. I left my phone on my desk a few times when I went to the water cooler but all in all I’d say it was as close to accurate as I was going to get since I don’t want to carry my 20 pound purse to the water cooler or around the office to get stuff.

Well, I walked 10,006 steps. Roughly 5.2 miles!! I got thinking, most of those steps are between my office and North Station and some are on my break when I go for a little jaunt. I wear ballet flats or riding boots during those times and I thought to myself “I should be wearing some shoes with support.” Think about it, about 4 of those miles are in non-supportive shoes. No wonder my feet hurt. It’s not the stiletto’s I sashay around the office in, It’s the flat bottomed ballet shoes. I do have a “gellin’” insert in my riding boots but I can’t fit a “gellin’” insert in the ballet flats.

I google “ballet flats with support”. Ok, bad idea! Numero uno site that pops up: LL Bean! Another site pops up with Dr. Scholl’s shoes. Those shoes are JUST shy of the “Working Girl” look from the 80’s with sneakers and slouchy socks! WHY! Why are all ballet flats with support hideous!? I get it and my mother says this all the time “Pain is beauty.” Well, my feet hurt and I still want beauty so what gives?

I think someone needs to invent stylish, supportive shoes. It’s not that hard. Maybe I should invent them!

On a separate note: Who has hit their head on the new double decker racks? I have. Yesterday, someone wacked his head on the rack and everyone asked if he was “OK” and then everyone comforted him in telling him that they have done it too.

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